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Milagros Orem Restaurant and Guy Francis


At Milagros restaurant in Orem, on the wall as you enter the dining room, you will find a very unique automated flying chile hanging on the wall.  Yes, a flying chile that moves it wings.  This unusual work of art was created by Guy Francis.

I have a few buddies, who frequent Milagros, that are professional illustrators.  Guy Francis is one of them.  Guy is a children’s book illustrator and has over two dozen books to his credit.guy francis stuido

I’ve known Guy for almost 20 years and his works of art have lived on the walls of restaurants I have been involved with since Rosa’s.  Guy is extremely talented in many areas besides book illustration.  In the past few years, his art has leaped off the traditional canvas and have become a moving 3 dimensional experience.

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Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant Serve BYU Football Players

BYU Football players and coaches love Mexican Food.  Even though many of them frequent Milagros Mexican food restaurant in Orem, they loved to be served on their own turf.

This fall, during training, Jackson and I catered several meals to the BYU football players and coaches.

I’ve always been a huge fan of BYU, and it’s always a great experience for me to be in the mix on a more personal level than just being in an apron at Milagros or on the BYU “Chain Gang”. 

Boy, those big guys can pack it away.  The first time around, there wasn’t much left for the coaches… who were the last in line.  We learned quickly that it would be double fare for these guys.

At Bronco Mendenhall’s request, every Thursday… we pack it up and head on down to the BYU campus at lunch time… where super hungry football coaches wait to eat the best Mexican Food in Utah.  Their individual requests span a huge variety from our menu.  They order every thing from Burritos (We’ve named a special one for Bronco), to Barry’s Pollo Fundido, Beef and Chicken Chimichangas, Chicken Salad, Seafood Enchiladas… to a half rack of Baby Backs Hermosillo.

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SUMMER TIME- When Mother nature is at her best, which makes our food ROCK!

Every recipe at Milagros involves fresh natural items from Mother Earth.

I love our food this time of year! The Tomatillos are perfect for roasting, the red leaf lettuce is flavorful and bright with color. Even the Sweet Onions taste sweeter and fresher.

If you have not tried our unique style of preparing Mexican food- now is a great time. Unlike typical Mexican restaurants which used mostly canned, processed items. Milagros fills your plate with fresh Asparagus to Zucchini. Did you know our fresh Pablano Chiles have as much vitamin C as 8 oranges!

That means our Chile Relleno plate nurtures your body with as much as 16 oranges worth of vitamin C! Swing on by all the orange construction barrels and taste the difference!


Miracles At Milagros

You can just imagine how surprised we were when customers, Katie and Dr. Kimball Crofts of Lindon, arrived at Milagros for Mexican food just after leaving the hospital with their new baby girl.  This is their first child and they are pretty excited about her. (Who wouldn’t be… she’s a doll.)

Seems like Katie’s pregnancy cravings continue even after delivery.  Apparently, Milagros is what the new mother wanted first thing out of the hospital.

Both Mom and Dad love our “Chicken Green Chili Stuffed Quesadillas,” (which seems to be a favorite with many of our loyal customers.)

At any rate… we were delighted to see them and their new little one.  What a treat it was for all of us here at Milagros.  You forget just how tiny new-borns are.  Sarah and I certainly do appreciate the “Miracle of Birth” and having a family.

If you remember…Milagros means “Miracles” and we certain have experienced them here.  Our twins are no less than a “Miracle.”

Congrats to Katie and Kimball… thanks for sharing your joy with us.  May her life continue to be a Miracle to your both and may she bring many miracles to those around her.


P.S.  By the way… Dr. Crofts is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon…. and his practice “Aesthetica,” is located in Lindon, Utah…. just in case you might be thinking about a nip and tuck or a bit of a lift here and there.  We understand that he is one of the best in Utah. (You ought to see his credentials.)

Hmmmm… just thinkin’.

Dirt Floor Taco Shops | One Tortillia At A Time

After I settled on starting a Mexican Food restaurant, I spent a lot of time exploring recipes for the best Mexican food around.  Sooo… I figured I should go where the cuisine was legitimate and see how real Mexican food was prepared and what it taste like.

I explored hundred of “roadside taco carts” or Taquerias throughout Mexico.  The Chiva (goat) district of Petatlan, Mexico, where each shack serves a different cut of goat, offered a unique and exciting experience.  From goat tongue to brains… very little went to waste.

One of my favorite activities in Mexico was to trick “rookie travelers.”  They usually loved the feast I ordered for them from the colorful Taquerias.  (Each Taqueria sat no more than 6 customers at a time.)

I waited till they finished (and they had raved about their meal) before disclosing what they actually had eaten.

Warning:   Women are less tolerant to eating “Goat Tongue Tacos” without previous knowledge.  I learned that it was wisest to stick to male buddies.  They tend to be easier going about what they ate. Read More→

Traffic in Utah County and I-15 Got You Down?

We’re all tired of road construction. You can’t drive a block in Utah without running into a detour sign or an orange cone.

Road construction in Utah County and Interstate 15 is as bad as anyone can remember it, with every bridge from Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, to Highway 6 in Spanish Fork in various stages of being torn down or replaced.

It’s downright insane trying to get around on any artery of I15 or the freeway itself.

So, to the residents of Provo, Orem, Lindon Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Lehi, Highland, Alpine, Springville, Spanish Fork and every other Utah county, city, town, burg or census-designated place we say: “We feel your pain.”

Milagros is accosted daily by a deluge of unnaturally bright orange cones. So, we get it.

Come on in and take refuge from the madness with our killer Mexican dishes and awesome tomatillo salsa and chips.

And to lighten the mood, we offer this:

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Milagros Orange Cone Nightmares | Best Mexican Food Utah









How Come The Tomatillo Salsa Is So Dang Good?

Working at Milagros and spending over a decade working with Dave, we have discovered The Ultimate Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. Everyday, customers will ask to “buy it in bottles.” Even more frequently  they ask “why is the Salsa so good today?”


Let me explain…

Mexican Food Orem Roasting TomatillosBasically, EVERYWHERE else, they use a canned, processed tomatillo (Mexican green tomato).

At Milagros we use FRESH tomatillos, remove the husk and roast in the oven for several hours. The tomatillos slowly “caramelize” creating an amber/honey colored juice which sweetens and flavors the salsa.

The larger the tomatillo, usually the sweeter and better the salsa will eventually taste. If the tomatillos were all big (larger than a golfball), the salsa would lack the bite or tart flavor which balances out the salsa.

Mother Nature throws this recipe a curve ball everyday. We use white clover honey to help balance out the salsa.

So, why is it so good? Why are there some days it is amazing? ….Mother Nature.

The Tomatillo Salsa is part of our “do it fresh policy” and makes us stand out as some of the best Mexican Food in Orem.

Disfrutar de salsa,



See the Milagros Difference

If you’ve been here, you know!

Milagros is a whole new Mexican food experience. It’s not boring plain meats wrapped in five-day-old tortillas. And it’s not that sugar-cola-saturated stuff you find at other places either.

Instead, it’s amazingly fresh ingredients, combined with savory flavors for a taste explosion unlike any you’ll find this side of the Rockies.

Utah has been begging for this kind of dining experience, and we deliver it.

Watch the video and see the Milagros difference.

[pb_vidembed title=”Milagros Utah Mexican Food | Best Mexican Food Restaurant Utah ” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”520″ h=”425″]

(No 6 year olds were harmed filming this video.)

Finally, a Mexican restaurant in Utah that doesn’t just talk “Fresh natural ingredients.” You can see for yourself!

Milagros is serving the best Mexican food in Orem, Utah. And we believe it is the best Mexican food in Utah.

Plus! Jackson Danger performs every Friday night.

Because you want the best, join us today.