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Milagros: Orem Restaurant Celebrate Birthdays Privately

milagros-orem-restaurants-birthday-cakeIn many Orem restaurants, they celebrate customer’s birthdays by singing to the special guest of honor. There are special traditions that develop within a business culture and birthday singing seems to be one of them.

At Milagros, we do not sing “Happy Birthday” in the dining room. It always seems so insincere with I’m eating out and watch waiters huddled around a table singing birthday regards.

However, we at Milagros take birthdays very seriously, that is if you are a part of the Milagros team.

The Mexican culture has played a big influence in our “over-the-top” birthday celebrations. And, I’m not talking about just chocolate cake. Our birthday cakes are not only baked with unique cake flavors, they are brightened up with fresh oranges, mangos, strawberries and kiwi. Read More→

Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant Quesadilla Challenge

Just offer 12 year old young men an opportunity to have a Mexican Food eating contest and immediately all stomachs are on board. “And, you want us to do what?”

A little background information is necessary here.

I have the privilege of teaching the 12 year old young men at my church.  There are 15 of them.  My son Jackson Danger is part of the gang, which make my duties more enjoyable and rewarding.

I persistently challenge them to care and watch out for each other, not only at church, but at school and social events.  I also encourage them to prepare for missions.

LDS young men can go on a mission for the church at the age of 18-19.  For 2 years they teach the gospel worldwide at their own expense.

Part of their preparation is to read their scriptures frequently, preferably on a daily basis.  The group talks big about reading their scriptures every day, but like many goals, they slip by the wayside after a few days or weeks.

I told them if they would take their daily scripture seriously, we would have a “Quesadilla” party every six months.  To make this event a little more exciting, I bet, between them all, they could not eat 50 Quesadillas.

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Milagros Mexican Food Utah and BYU Football Chain Gang

It’s rare not to see me in the kitchen on busy weekends, working among the spicy aromas of a Mexican Food kitchen.  However, there is one event that allows me to take a break… BYU Football.  I don’t attend in the usual manner, as a spectator, but as a member of the “Chain Gang.”

(For those who don’t know what that is… it’s the “Chain crew” who are assistance to the officials. They handle the first down measuring chain.)

Running the BYU Football “Chain Gang”, as I have done for the past 8 years,  is something I always look forward too.

It’s a privilege to know all the coaches, but they usually associate me with their last great Mexican Food feast.  And, since Jackson Danger and I cater lunch for the team during spring ball, most of the players associate me with wearing an apron, not black and white stripes.

I miss much of the game that the spectators in the bleachers see.  However,  I see, hear and sometime feel things, by standing with my shoes on the out-of-bounds grass, that the fans never see or experience.

Sometimes the “Chain Gang” will switch sides of the field at half time.  I find it interesting to be on the opposing team’s side of the field and watch how the other team manages the game…how their coaches react under pressure, how they inspire (or not) their players.  I also get to observe how the team members, and coaches support each other (or not).

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Milagros Adventuresome Spirit

As a youth, I was a pretty adventuresome guy.  For some reason, adventure and a little risk taking still woo me.  I realize, since I have a family… I have to tone it down a bit… in fact a lot!

Butttt… once in a while it just creeps out.

A few days ago, I had to drop of a van in Park City.  I took my super star companion, Lexi with me.  We had no ride home… so I just prepared a little sign and Lexi stood on the curb, in front of the Hotel Park City, and held it out for all drivers to see.

It wasn’t but just a few minutes before a loyal Milagro’s customer saw the word “Milagros” on our sign and Lexi’s hat and gave us a ride back to Lindon.

(Now don’t think for a minute that I’d put my daughter at risk.  If someone we knew had not come along… I was prepared to call for a ride.  We just thought it would be fun to try.)

Next week, I’m headed to Mesa, Arizona to pick up an big old neon sign that says, “MEXICAN FOOD”.  It’s 13 feet long and it will be placed high on the wall in the dining room.

Now…you have to know… Mesa is the “stomping” ground of my youth and it conjures up all the old feelings of excitement and adventure of those days.  That’s where I learned to “hitch.”  (No.. I’m not “hitching” a ride to Mesa… even though it might be fun.)

While there, I’m looking forward to hitting the Mexican Food restaurants of my youth, along with visiting a bit with my dad and my 95 year old grandma.

And…I’m going to have to try doubly hard to keep my adventuresome spirit in restraint and mind my p’s and q’s.

In the meantime… I’m really excited about the sign.  I’m always looking for unique items to add to the atmosphere of Milagros.

Milagros will be in good hands while I’m gone… so drop on in and get a taste of the  “Best Mexican Food” in Utah.

See you when I get back.


P.S.  One of these days… I’ll have to share some adventuresome stories from my youth.  I’ve got a few doozies.

Cooking With Chiles Makes For Good Mexican Food

Cooking with chilies and knowing how to use them… make for good Mexican Food.  First, there are more than just a couple of types of chiles… in fact there are hundreds of them.  But… for some reason, folks get stuck on thinking that Mexican food is made with either Anaheim chiles or Jalapenos.  Good Mexican food restaurants use a variety of chiles… that is if they are worth their salt.

It certainly depends what you want the outcome of your dish to be.  Hot is great but each chile has a particular flavor to be considered, as well as adding heat to a dish.

While traveling in Mexico looking for the finest recipes for Milagros, I found the markets were full of “Chile and Veggie Stands.”  The colors of the peppers and vegetables were astounding.  It made me want to buy everything in sight and head for the nearest kitchen.

The women selling their veggies and chiles were gracious and so friendly.  Hope you like the photo of the “Market Hotties.”  There were the best!

Here are a few chile tips to remember when you are cooking with them.

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Fresh Chile Relleno Is Official on Milagros Mexican Food Menu

It’s here! Our new Fresh Chile Relleno is officially on the Milagros Mexican restaurant menu.

Chile Relleno, literally means “stuffed chile.”  A mild chili pepper is used called a Poblano pepper.  It is a mild pepper with more flavor than a mild Anaheim.  It is roasted and stuffed with meat or cheese and coated with an egg batter.

I have had several request to put a Relleno on the menu.  However, my experience with Rellenos has been generally been disappointing.  So many recipes use canned chiles that are coated with an egg/flour batter that has a mushy texture and not much flavor.

Some times Rellenos are cooked ahead and often re-heated… even in the microwave.

Over several months our kitchen went to work… testing and testing Rellenos to find the perfect blend of chili, cheese and batter. Read More→

Long Lines At Expo Show Proclaim Milagros Is The Winner

Milagros Mexican Food booth at the Big Business and Technology Expo was a smashing success.  I have to admit,  we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people lining up just minutes after the doors opened.

The long lines were so obvious we were awarded: “The Most Productive Booth.”

“Most Productive Booth: Milagro’s Fresh Mexican, Dave Tuomisto. We didn’t anticipate this really being a restaurant, but when vendors starting saying they should win most productive because of the huge line he created, that’s a pretty good plug.” Sheri Jones, Big Business and Technology Expo.

With the help of two members of my staff,  Jose Pepe and Thalia, we served over 1,500 people from 11:05 – 3:30 during the two days.  At times we had over 50 people in line.  “Thanks, Jose and Thalia… I appreciate you both so much.”  (That’s me in the white hat.)

“It was a blast.  I wish I could have visited with the people and shared more about Milagros and the “Magic”….  but we had to keep the line going, so it was a delicate balance to keep the food coming and the line moving quickly.” Dave

We served our award winning Chicken Mango Salad along with a variety of our menu rices and bean choices.  Our guests were able to top their filled plates with our famous Sweet and Tangy Tomatillo Salsa and our Chunky Red Salsa.

We had a cool 10 foot high definition screen behind the serving area which showcased our kitchen and a variety of food that we offer at Milagros Mexican food in Orem.

Thanks to Adam Cazier, who did the video for us.  We think it was the key to attracting so many people to try our Mexican food lunch.  Of course… good food and word of mouth was certainly a factor too.

Click on the video below… we want to share it with you too.

[pb_vidembed title=”Milagros Utah” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”500″ h=”405″]

Thanks to all the vendors who voted for us. It was a pleasure to serve you and be a part of the Expo with you.

And a “Big Thanks” to all of those who were willing to wait in line for lunch with us. We met so many friends, both old and new.  We were happy to serve you.


P.S. Be sure to vote for Milagros Mexican Food in the “Herald Extra Best Of ”  You can cast your vote for us in several categories on pages 8, 9 and 11.  You can vote for Jackson Danger on page 11.  Thanks to our loyal customer who make life at Milagros in Orem such a delight.


Pollo Fundido | Our Wildly Successful New Menu Item

Here is Mexican food, at Milagros here in Orem, at it’s best.  Our new Pollo Fundido is one of our specialties that we are adding to our main menu.  Before making that decision, we have had it on a special to see how it would fair with our customers and it was wildly successful.  So… it’s a go.

Queso Fundido, also known as Queso Flameado or “Flamed Cheese”, is a rich creamy blend of cream cheese, sour cream, several types of cheeses, seasoned with roasted chiles and exotic spices.  However, it’s more “rich and cheesey” than it is spicy.  Our made from scratch Fundidio is melted over a crisp flour tortilla, which has been stuffed with fresh roasted chicken breast.  Then it’s topped with our famous Pico deGallo.  Waaa Laaa!

Our Pollo Fundido is served with sweet rice, salad, and back beans.  Wow! What a dish and what a display of color!  No wonder we’re known as having the best Mexican food around.

Yep… this is me… Dave… preparing the Queso Fundido to put over that crisp chicken filled tortilla.

We enjoy adding to our menu…and we don’t take it lightly.  It’s important to us that we offer you the very best Mexican Food around.  Don’t forget the name of this mouth watering menu item… it’s Pollo Fundido.  It’s easy to say…and a delicious dish to savor!


P.S. When you’re in Milagros in Orem next time, try this new menu specialty.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Milagros…. come and see us…. we love our customers.