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City Weekly features Jackson Danger of Milagros Utah

City weekly Jackson Danger articleWow! In December, City Weekly came to Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant to interview our own week-end entertainer, Jackson Danger.  For several years, Jackson has performed most week-ends at Milagros, moving from table to table and singing old favorites.  The article in City Weekly just appeared on the stands, which includes a fine article about Jackson.  Here’s a copy for you to enjoy.

Article by:  Kolbie Stonehoker

Jackson Danger
Local 13-year-old Prodigy Is an “Old Soul”

When Lindon-based guitarist and songwriter Jackson Danger speaks, it’s with a voice that doesn’t match his young age. Steady and unwavering, it’s the voice of someone who has seen a thing a two, even though, at 13 years old, Danger has only begun to experience the world.

“People tell me all the time how I’m an old soul in a young body,” Danger says with an easy confidence, his vintage Gibson Hummingbird in his hands.

We’re seated around a small table on a busy Saturday night in Milagros, a Mexican restaurant in Orem owned by Danger’s father, Dave. For the past two years, Danger (full name Jackson Danger Tuomisto) has been performing here nearly every weekend as Jackson Danger, serenading customers with covers of mostly folk songs from the ’60s and ’70s. Danger has a knack for attracting loyal listeners who return, week after week, to watch him play.

“One time, I was playing my guitar here, and this woman asked me if I could play ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young, and I told her I didn’t know that one, but I’d learn it, then play it for her next week,” Danger says. “And so I played it for her, and she started crying because it meant so much to her. So, I feel like, with my music, I can connect with people.”

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London School of Guitar Workshop and Jackson Danger

Yep… Jackson Danger is going to attend the London School of Guitar Workshop on Monday, August 6th, in Park City.  Sarah and I are pretty darn proud of that boy!

He has really worked hard the last couple of years developing his guitar skills.  When he was accepted to this workshop in May, we all jumped up and down and hooted.

The workshop schedule is pretty intense beginning right after the evening registration. An introduction party begins with great food, and performances from special guests.  Afterward, Jackson, Sarah and I will be able to meet the instructors and get a feel for what they will be teaching during the week.  After all the guests scoot back down to the valley, the students will have an open mic jam session.  Jackson is really pumped up about it.

He thinks it will be great to get a feel for what the other students already know and how advanced they are.  Many of the students are much older than he is. (I think he might be a bit nervous… but we know he’s ready and will do just great the entire week.)

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Milagros Jackson Danger invited to Utah Valley Convention Center

Wow! Milagros’ Jackson Danger has been invited to perform at the Grand Opening of the new Utah Valley Convention Center in historic downtown Provo, Utah.  We are very exited that Jackson has this opportunity to share his talent on May 12, 2012.  The new building is at 220 West Center Street (Freedom Blvd. and Center.)

He will be preforming at 2:30 p.m. and we here at Milagros will be cheering him on.

Take a look at Jackson Danger’s new poster.  It was done especially for the performance by our graphic designer, Andy Barlow.  I’m sure you’ll agree, he does an amazing job.

Jackson has been sharing his music with the Milagros customers nearly every Friday and Saturday night since it opened in 2010.  He loves singing the old songs from the 60s and 70s.  He has recently put us a new You Tube video called “Rebecca” which we think is one of his finest musical numbers.  (You can view it at the bottom of the page.) Read More→

Don’t Miss Jackson Danger At Milagos In Orem

Do you love great Mexican food?

How about great music?

How about both at the same time?

That is exactly what you will get at Milagros Mexican Food in Orem most Friday and Saturday nights.

Jackson Danger will entertain you as you dive into some of the best Mexican food around.

Jackson Danger | Milagros Mexican Food Orem

Jackson Danger Musician | Milagros Mexican Restaurant Utah

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Join us every Friday Night for Jackson Danger (and the best Mexican Food in Orem).




Jackson Danger Featured In Provo Daily Herald

Milagros, very own Friday Night entertainer, Jackson Danger was featured in the the Provo Daily Herald.

Article by Andrea Nelson – Correspondent

Jackson Danger: 12-year-old Lindon boy who loves to perform

He plays almost every Friday night at his father’s restaurant, Milagros, at 970 W. 800 North in Orem.

“I know how good it makes me feel and I want to make other people feel that too,” he said.

Sam Bell said his family goes to Milagros every week for the ribs and the music. Customers Susan and Matt Brimley of Provo also said they were impressed by Jackson.

“You don’t see many kids walking around at a restaurant singing,” Susan Brimley said. “It will be interesting to see how far he goes with his career.”

Jackson’s father, Dave Tuomisto, said he named his two sons “Danger” and “Crash” intentionally.

“People with interesting names seem to have interesting lives,” he said.

Jackson’s passion for the guitar started when he was 6 years old, after his dad took him to a Bob Dylan concert. Impressed by the performance, he told his dad he wanted to be like Dylan.

If he wanted to play like Dylan, he would have to put down the video games and practice, practice, practice, said his father. Although he works hard himself as a restaurant owner, Dave Tuomisto said he has always made time to listen to and support his son.

Jackson teaches himself to play by sound and sight. He said he finds songs he likes and learns them by watching or listening and copying to the artist.

He said he loves all different kinds of music and plays anything from John Prine to Train. His advice to his peers with similar dreams is to keep working at your dream and never give up.

“There are three things you need to do to be good: practice, practice, and of course, practice,” Jackson said.

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Grab your date and join us at Milagros. See for your self what a dynamic duo Jackson Danger and I make.