Orem Restaurants: A Milagros Review

Milagros-chili-rellenosI have to admit it feels pretty good when we get a great Milagros review. Although Hyrum Romrell of SLC  Food Radar seldom does reviews Orem Restaurants, he stopped in to Milagros under unusual circumstances. And we are glad he did.

Mr. Romrell featured wonderful pictures of our food and wrote great information about every dish he and his family ate.

“I went the pork chile rellenos as my choice.  I had a conversation with my dad a few weeks back about Mexican restaurants.  He thinks a good barometer on how good a Mexican place is, is based on how good they do their chile rellenos.  These particular ones were filled with carnitas and queso sauce.  These were excellent

My son, who hates spicy food and peppers in general, just stared at me the entire time, and I devoured these things.  Our waitress said that if jalapenos were a 7 on the spicy meter, then these were a 3.  I would say that is about right.”  Hyrum Romrell

You can see the full Milagros review at SLCFoodRadar.com. Be sure to check out the rest of the site for the best places to eat in the Salt Lake City Area.

Muchos Gracias Hyrum!


P.S. Hyrum be sure to let Sara and I know when you are back in. We would love to meet you.