Milagros Orem Restaurant and Guy Francis


At Milagros restaurant in Orem, on the wall as you enter the dining room, you will find a very unique automated flying chile hanging on the wall.  Yes, a flying chile that moves it wings.  This unusual work of art was created by Guy Francis.

I have a few buddies, who frequent Milagros, that are professional illustrators.  Guy Francis is one of them.  Guy is a children’s book illustrator and has over two dozen books to his credit.guy francis stuido

I’ve known Guy for almost 20 years and his works of art have lived on the walls of restaurants I have been involved with since Rosa’s.  Guy is extremely talented in many areas besides book illustration.  In the past few years, his art has leaped off the traditional canvas and have become a moving 3 dimensional experience.

Automation (also called Automaton or Automata) are self-propelled sculptures.  They remind me of the early Coo Coo Clocks, with all the moving figures dancing in harmony.  If it can be created in the human mind, Guy could probably create it.  Among many automated sculptures in his studio is a wooden carved pig in a rocking chair playing a banjo, surrounded by bouncing blue birds that move in harmony to the pigs banjo music.

One day, Guy sent me a video of a flying chile pepper with a rotating sun.  I thought it was so cool.  I had no idea that he had created the “Flying Chile” for the walls of Milagros.

When you come in to Milagros in Orem, you will find it on the left wall as you enter the dining room.  Don’t miss this clever automated sculpture… a truly creative work of art.

Thanks Guy!

Dave Tuomisto

P.S.  Enjoy these photos of some of Guy’s amazing creativity.    Click here to enjoy Guy Francis and his clever website.

guy-francis-cat-scupture    guy francis painting for milagros utah