Milagros: Orem Restaurant Celebrate Birthdays Privately

milagros-orem-restaurants-birthday-cakeIn many Orem restaurants, they celebrate customer’s birthdays by singing to the special guest of honor. There are special traditions that develop within a business culture and birthday singing seems to be one of them.

At Milagros, we do not sing “Happy Birthday” in the dining room. It always seems so insincere with I’m eating out and watch waiters huddled around a table singing birthday regards.

However, we at Milagros take birthdays very seriously, that is if you are a part of the Milagros team.

The Mexican culture has played a big influence in our “over-the-top” birthday celebrations. And, I’m not talking about just chocolate cake. Our birthday cakes are not only baked with unique cake flavors, they are brightened up with fresh oranges, mangos, strawberries and kiwi.

And, we always love the opportunity to get together in a non-work atmosphere and chow down on great food and drink.

Milagros celebrations invite the birthday guy/gal to recollect fond memories of birthdays past.  These birthday celebrations are also a gentle reminder about how life just seems to move on.

Take a look at a few recent Milagros birthday celebrations.

milagros-orem-restaurants-cake-celebration          milagros-orem-restaurtants-birthday-party          milagros-orem-restaurants-party


P.S.  Remember, we are not like other Orem restaurants.  We promise we won’t embarrass the birthday guest nor you by squeaking singing or huge sombreros.