About Milagros Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Food Orem Utah MilagrosMilagro is a Spanish word. It is an event that can’t be explained by the laws of nature. It is a miracle.

Milagros Mexican Restaurant represents decades of hard work, sacrifice, risk taking, disappointment and success. We do not serve soda-syrup saturated, sugar and caffeine soaked meats. It is a miracle.

Milagros focuses on Mother natures light naturally sweetened ingredients to produce“melt in your mouth” healthy great tasting Mexican Food. The menu includes traditional Mexican dishes made with imagination and flair.

Slow-roasted marinated meats, loads of lightly cooked vegetables, big sexy salads, fresh seafood dishes and something amazing for onion lovers.

Experience the taste of Mexico’s fresh, authentic, hand made corn tortillas. Hurry, and come try Milagros before Dave kills all the cool indoor plants.

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