City Weekly Votes Milagros Best Utah Mexican Food


Last week, City Weekly SLC, honored Milagros with the “Best Of Utah Mexican Food award for 2013.  City Weekly is an independent newspaper that keeps Utahns informed about the arts, entertainment, music, dining, nightlife, culture and politics no less.

They are an excellent resource for keeping the people of Utah updated about what’s new in each area.  Suggesting the best places to go for food, music, events to film and TV takes the mystery out where to go eat, and what to do for the week-end. Thank you City Weekly for this recognition.

Best Miraculous Mexican Cuisine

“Milagros, meaning “miracles” in Spanish, is a heavenly take on Mexican fare. This Orem restaurant was started by Dave Tuomisto, the restaurateur who also founded the popular Bajio chain. His newest dining destination is a restaurant that offers a sometimes-sweeter take on traditional Mexican cuisine, such as the seafood tacos that come with pineapple salsa and roasted-red-pepper chutney, or the popular grilled onion ball that’s injected with

homey and spices while in the oven. You also can’t go wrong with Barry’s Pollo Fundido-a chicken breast wrapped lovingly in a fried tortilla and smothered with sour cream, cream cheese, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses along with a smattering of sumptuous chilies and spices.  970 W 800 N Orem, 655-1555,”

Dave Tuomisto

Besides recognition for Milagros for Best Utah Mexican Cuisine, did I mention that City Weekly has served Utah for the last 28 years?  If you want to know what’s what, I suggest you check City Weekly.