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From The Bajio Region – The Best Mexican Food Near By

When you are searching in the Orem, Utah area for the Best Mexican Food near by you will find several choices, including Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant.

How Milagros Became the Best Mexican Food Near By

Dave Tuomisto was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and spent many summers in Mexico. Because of his desire to become Mexican food chef, he paid close attention to the food in Mexico and realized that each region had added its own flair to their food preparation. Nearly every town and surrounding region are known for a culinary specialty. Read More→

Best Mexican Food Near Me – Orem, Utah

Most likely you were directed to this page when you search for the best Mexican food near me in Orem, Utah. Now that you are here, I want to give you an idea of why Milagros in Orem, Utah is the best.

“Mexican food” inadequately describes the 7 distinct regional cuisines that encompass that term. A dish famous in one area may be a complete mystery to someone from another region. Each region is as diverse as the geography, native Indians and outside influences. Read More→

Orem Restaurants: A Milagros Review

Milagros-chili-rellenosI have to admit it feels pretty good when we get a great Milagros review. Although Hyrum Romrell of SLC  Food Radar seldom does reviews Orem Restaurants, he stopped in to Milagros under unusual circumstances. And we are glad he did.

Mr. Romrell featured wonderful pictures of our food and wrote great information about every dish he and his family ate.

“I went the pork chile rellenos as my choice.  I had a conversation with my dad a few weeks back about Mexican restaurants.  He thinks a good barometer on how good a Mexican place is, is based on how good they do their chile rellenos.  Read More→

Best Mexican Food In Utah: Milagros, Orem Utah

Milagros has the best Mexican food in Utah at least that is what our customers say! We even got them on video.

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We appreciate everyone that participated in making the video. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for being the best part of our business.


Cooking With Chiles Makes For Good Mexican Food

Cooking with chilies and knowing how to use them… make for good Mexican Food.  First, there are more than just a couple of types of chiles… in fact there are hundreds of them.  But… for some reason, folks get stuck on thinking that Mexican food is made with either Anaheim chiles or Jalapenos.  Good Mexican food restaurants use a variety of chiles… that is if they are worth their salt.

It certainly depends what you want the outcome of your dish to be.  Hot is great but each chile has a particular flavor to be considered, as well as adding heat to a dish.

While traveling in Mexico looking for the finest recipes for Milagros, I found the markets were full of “Chile and Veggie Stands.”  The colors of the peppers and vegetables were astounding.  It made me want to buy everything in sight and head for the nearest kitchen.

The women selling their veggies and chiles were gracious and so friendly.  Hope you like the photo of the “Market Hotties.”  There were the best!

Here are a few chile tips to remember when you are cooking with them.

Read More→

Fresh Chile Relleno Is Official on Milagros Mexican Food Menu

It’s here! Our new Fresh Chile Relleno is officially on the Milagros Mexican restaurant menu.

Chile Relleno, literally means “stuffed chile.”  A mild chili pepper is used called a Poblano pepper.  It is a mild pepper with more flavor than a mild Anaheim.  It is roasted and stuffed with meat or cheese and coated with an egg batter.

I have had several request to put a Relleno on the menu.  However, my experience with Rellenos has been generally been disappointing.  So many recipes use canned chiles that are coated with an egg/flour batter that has a mushy texture and not much flavor.

Some times Rellenos are cooked ahead and often re-heated… even in the microwave.

Over several months our kitchen went to work… testing and testing Rellenos to find the perfect blend of chili, cheese and batter. Read More→

Pollo Fundido | Our Wildly Successful New Menu Item

Here is Mexican food, at Milagros here in Orem, at it’s best.  Our new Pollo Fundido is one of our specialties that we are adding to our main menu.  Before making that decision, we have had it on a special to see how it would fair with our customers and it was wildly successful.  So… it’s a go.

Queso Fundido, also known as Queso Flameado or “Flamed Cheese”, is a rich creamy blend of cream cheese, sour cream, several types of cheeses, seasoned with roasted chiles and exotic spices.  However, it’s more “rich and cheesey” than it is spicy.  Our made from scratch Fundidio is melted over a crisp flour tortilla, which has been stuffed with fresh roasted chicken breast.  Then it’s topped with our famous Pico deGallo.  Waaa Laaa!

Our Pollo Fundido is served with sweet rice, salad, and back beans.  Wow! What a dish and what a display of color!  No wonder we’re known as having the best Mexican food around.

Yep… this is me… Dave… preparing the Queso Fundido to put over that crisp chicken filled tortilla.

We enjoy adding to our menu…and we don’t take it lightly.  It’s important to us that we offer you the very best Mexican Food around.  Don’t forget the name of this mouth watering menu item… it’s Pollo Fundido.  It’s easy to say…and a delicious dish to savor!


P.S. When you’re in Milagros in Orem next time, try this new menu specialty.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Milagros…. come and see us…. we love our customers.

How Come The Tomatillo Salsa Is So Dang Good?

Working at Milagros and spending over a decade working with Dave, we have discovered The Ultimate Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. Everyday, customers will ask to “buy it in bottles.” Even more frequently  they ask “why is the Salsa so good today?”


Let me explain…

Mexican Food Orem Roasting TomatillosBasically, EVERYWHERE else, they use a canned, processed tomatillo (Mexican green tomato).

At Milagros we use FRESH tomatillos, remove the husk and roast in the oven for several hours. The tomatillos slowly “caramelize” creating an amber/honey colored juice which sweetens and flavors the salsa.

The larger the tomatillo, usually the sweeter and better the salsa will eventually taste. If the tomatillos were all big (larger than a golfball), the salsa would lack the bite or tart flavor which balances out the salsa.

Mother Nature throws this recipe a curve ball everyday. We use white clover honey to help balance out the salsa.

So, why is it so good? Why are there some days it is amazing? ….Mother Nature.

The Tomatillo Salsa is part of our “do it fresh policy” and makes us stand out as some of the best Mexican Food in Orem.

Disfrutar de salsa,



What People Are Saying About Milagros Mexican Restaurant!

Okay, we are going to toot our horn a little and show you the kind of rave reviews we get at Milagros Mexican Restaurant.
Milagros Mexican Restaurant Utah Review

Wow, a Mexican Restaurant in Utah that compares to Texas and California! Toot! Toot!




See the Milagros Difference

If you’ve been here, you know!

Milagros is a whole new Mexican food experience. It’s not boring plain meats wrapped in five-day-old tortillas. And it’s not that sugar-cola-saturated stuff you find at other places either.

Instead, it’s amazingly fresh ingredients, combined with savory flavors for a taste explosion unlike any you’ll find this side of the Rockies.

Utah has been begging for this kind of dining experience, and we deliver it.

Watch the video and see the Milagros difference.

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(No 6 year olds were harmed filming this video.)

Finally, a Mexican restaurant in Utah that doesn’t just talk “Fresh natural ingredients.” You can see for yourself!

Milagros is serving the best Mexican food in Orem, Utah. And we believe it is the best Mexican food in Utah.

Plus! Jackson Danger performs every Friday night.

Because you want the best, join us today.