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City Weekly Votes Milagros Best Utah Mexican Food


Last week, City Weekly SLC, honored Milagros with the “Best Of Utah Mexican Food award for 2013.  City Weekly is an independent newspaper that keeps Utahns informed about the arts, entertainment, music, dining, nightlife, culture and politics no less.

They are an excellent resource for keeping the people of Utah updated about what’s new in each area.  Suggesting the best places to go for food, music, events to film and TV takes the mystery out where to go eat, and what to do for the week-end. Thank you City Weekly for this recognition.

Best Miraculous Mexican Cuisine

“Milagros, meaning “miracles” in Spanish, is a heavenly take on Mexican fare. This Orem restaurant was started by Dave Tuomisto, the restaurateur who also founded the popular Bajio chain. His newest dining destination is a restaurant that offers a sometimes-sweeter take on traditional Mexican cuisine, such as the seafood tacos that come with pineapple salsa and roasted-red-pepper chutney, or the popular grilled onion ball that’s injected with Read More→

City Weekly features Jackson Danger of Milagros Utah

City weekly Jackson Danger articleWow! In December, City Weekly came to Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant to interview our own week-end entertainer, Jackson Danger.  For several years, Jackson has performed most week-ends at Milagros, moving from table to table and singing old favorites.  The article in City Weekly just appeared on the stands, which includes a fine article about Jackson.  Here’s a copy for you to enjoy.

Article by:  Kolbie Stonehoker

Jackson Danger
Local 13-year-old Prodigy Is an “Old Soul”

When Lindon-based guitarist and songwriter Jackson Danger speaks, it’s with a voice that doesn’t match his young age. Steady and unwavering, it’s the voice of someone who has seen a thing a two, even though, at 13 years old, Danger has only begun to experience the world.

“People tell me all the time how I’m an old soul in a young body,” Danger says with an easy confidence, his vintage Gibson Hummingbird in his hands.

We’re seated around a small table on a busy Saturday night in Milagros, a Mexican restaurant in Orem owned by Danger’s father, Dave. For the past two years, Danger (full name Jackson Danger Tuomisto) has been performing here nearly every weekend as Jackson Danger, serenading customers with covers of mostly folk songs from the ’60s and ’70s. Danger has a knack for attracting loyal listeners who return, week after week, to watch him play.

“One time, I was playing my guitar here, and this woman asked me if I could play ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young, and I told her I didn’t know that one, but I’d learn it, then play it for her next week,” Danger says. “And so I played it for her, and she started crying because it meant so much to her. So, I feel like, with my music, I can connect with people.”

Read More→

Milagros And The Chocolate Are Voted The Best In Utah County

Mlagros Mexican Food Orem - Best Of Utah County AwardOnce again Milagros is voted One of the best Restaurants In Utah County. Winning 13 categories in The Daily Herald Extra’s “Best Of Utah County 2012”

This honor is shared with our friends at The Chocolate. We would like to congratulate them and invite you to visit each one of us and see what every one is talking about.

Congratulation! The Chocolate – A Desert Cafe

Our favorite desert place walked a way with 3 well deserved awards…1st for Best Desert, 2nd for Best Date Place and 2nd for Best Cupcake. Their decadent chocolate cake, “The Cherub” is my favorite.

The Chocolate
212 S. State Street
801 224 7334 and

Enjoy the best!


Proud To Support The American Red Cross And Its Lifesaving Mission

American Red Cross Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Salt Lake City, April 26, 2012 — On May 1, 2012 at 11:30 AM, the American Red Cross Blood Services Region will conduct its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

“Volunteers are crucial to our operations,” said Vickie Morgan, Volunteer Coordinator for Utah, “this appreciation luncheon gives us a chance to thank them.”

Unique to the program this year is the venue, the caterer and the keynote speakers.

The National Parks Council of the Boy Scouts of America has donated a large meeting room in its office building for the luncheon.  The food will be provided by Milagros, the Mexican food restaurant in Orem. Dave Tuomisto, owner of Milagros, said he is “proud to support the American Red Cross and its lifesaving mission.”

Speakers at the luncheon include Tyler and Elizabeth Fish Read More→

Long Lines At Expo Show Proclaim Milagros Is The Winner

Milagros Mexican Food booth at the Big Business and Technology Expo was a smashing success.  I have to admit,  we were pleasantly surprised to see so many people lining up just minutes after the doors opened.

The long lines were so obvious we were awarded: “The Most Productive Booth.”

“Most Productive Booth: Milagro’s Fresh Mexican, Dave Tuomisto. We didn’t anticipate this really being a restaurant, but when vendors starting saying they should win most productive because of the huge line he created, that’s a pretty good plug.” Sheri Jones, Big Business and Technology Expo.

With the help of two members of my staff,  Jose Pepe and Thalia, we served over 1,500 people from 11:05 – 3:30 during the two days.  At times we had over 50 people in line.  “Thanks, Jose and Thalia… I appreciate you both so much.”  (That’s me in the white hat.)

“It was a blast.  I wish I could have visited with the people and shared more about Milagros and the “Magic”….  but we had to keep the line going, so it was a delicate balance to keep the food coming and the line moving quickly.” Dave

We served our award winning Chicken Mango Salad along with a variety of our menu rices and bean choices.  Our guests were able to top their filled plates with our famous Sweet and Tangy Tomatillo Salsa and our Chunky Red Salsa.

We had a cool 10 foot high definition screen behind the serving area which showcased our kitchen and a variety of food that we offer at Milagros Mexican food in Orem.

Thanks to Adam Cazier, who did the video for us.  We think it was the key to attracting so many people to try our Mexican food lunch.  Of course… good food and word of mouth was certainly a factor too.

Click on the video below… we want to share it with you too.

[pb_vidembed title=”Milagros Utah” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”500″ h=”405″]

Thanks to all the vendors who voted for us. It was a pleasure to serve you and be a part of the Expo with you.

And a “Big Thanks” to all of those who were willing to wait in line for lunch with us. We met so many friends, both old and new.  We were happy to serve you.


P.S. Be sure to vote for Milagros Mexican Food in the “Herald Extra Best Of ”  You can cast your vote for us in several categories on pages 8, 9 and 11.  You can vote for Jackson Danger on page 11.  Thanks to our loyal customer who make life at Milagros in Orem such a delight.


Provo Daily Herald | Milagros Mexican Food

The Provo Daily Herald is having their annual “Best Of” voting.  Milagros Mexican Food in Orem is participating and asking you to please visit “Herald Extra Best Of” and vote for Milagros.

There are many other categories where you can cast your vote… such as a plumber, real estate agent, and carpet cleaner etc.  By filling out the questionnaire, you are helping small business owners in the area… and we need all the help we can get.

On page 8, you can vote for us by entering Milagros in the “Mexican” – “Tacos” and “Take-Out” categories.

On page 9, you can vote for Milagros in the “Lunch” and “Business Lunch” categories.

There is only 1 vote per e-mail address. So… if you have more than one e-mail address, other members of your family can vote too.  Please, encourage your family, friends and pets to vote.  We really appreciate your support.

Dave and Sarah

P.S. The Provo Daily Herald has always been a great supporter of Milagros.  We appreciate them giving us the opportunity to participate in the “Herald Extra Best Of”.  And, we certainly value the friendships we have made with those who frequent Milagros.  Of course, we always enjoy meeting new friends too.

Make Milagros Mexican Restaurant Part of Your New Years Resolutions

Hunger games: Consider these dining resolutions for 2012

Article by Elyssa Andrus – Provo Daily Herald
Mexican Food Orem and Provo UtahCool change:I’m not much of a gambler when it comes to food. The obsessive part of me wants to order the same dish every time, whether it’s the Chipotle Pineapple BBQ at Blue Lemon in Highland or the Vegas Roll at The Happy Sumo in Provo. But some of my favorite restaurant meals have come from taking a risk. So ask your friends, your spouse or the server for a recommendation, and keep an open mind. And in addition to new dishes, resolve to try new restaurants as well. There’s always something debuting in Utah County. Some new and new-ish favorites of the Herald staff include Dave & Cranky Chuckie’s (Provo), Station 22 (Provo), Savory & Sweet (Orem) and Milagros (Orem).

Make us part of your New Years Resolution


BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall Calls Me Friend

Coach Bronco Mendenhall and I became friends in the most unusual way. You can read more about us in an article in the Deseret News.

Milagros Mexican Food OremWhere does Bronco Mendenhall like to hang out? At Milagros in Orem

Article By Dick Harmon, Deseret News

So, where does Bronco Mendenhall hang out?

There’s a table reserved just for him and his staff in a corner. It is there, they can have a little privacy, pound some food down while figuring out life as an independent football program.

It’s called Milagros, a Mexican restaurant at 800 North in Orem by the new WinCo Foods store.

The owner, Dave Tuomisto, forged a friendship with the very private Mendenhall several years ago, far away from chips, salsa and honey pineapple shrimp salads.

Tuomisto and Mendenhall first met over the tail pipes of a Harley Davidson. Now, Mendenhall will pass up 10 Mexican restaurants on the way to dine at Dave’s place.

“He is a friend of mine,” said Mendenhall.

And that label is quite the endorsement by the BYU coach who allows very few into his inner circle.

Read more at the Deseret News

Dick, thanks for the great story!



Jackson Danger Featured In Provo Daily Herald

Milagros, very own Friday Night entertainer, Jackson Danger was featured in the the Provo Daily Herald.

Article by Andrea Nelson – Correspondent

Jackson Danger: 12-year-old Lindon boy who loves to perform

He plays almost every Friday night at his father’s restaurant, Milagros, at 970 W. 800 North in Orem.

“I know how good it makes me feel and I want to make other people feel that too,” he said.

Sam Bell said his family goes to Milagros every week for the ribs and the music. Customers Susan and Matt Brimley of Provo also said they were impressed by Jackson.

“You don’t see many kids walking around at a restaurant singing,” Susan Brimley said. “It will be interesting to see how far he goes with his career.”

Jackson’s father, Dave Tuomisto, said he named his two sons “Danger” and “Crash” intentionally.

“People with interesting names seem to have interesting lives,” he said.

Jackson’s passion for the guitar started when he was 6 years old, after his dad took him to a Bob Dylan concert. Impressed by the performance, he told his dad he wanted to be like Dylan.

If he wanted to play like Dylan, he would have to put down the video games and practice, practice, practice, said his father. Although he works hard himself as a restaurant owner, Dave Tuomisto said he has always made time to listen to and support his son.

Jackson teaches himself to play by sound and sight. He said he finds songs he likes and learns them by watching or listening and copying to the artist.

He said he loves all different kinds of music and plays anything from John Prine to Train. His advice to his peers with similar dreams is to keep working at your dream and never give up.

“There are three things you need to do to be good: practice, practice, and of course, practice,” Jackson said.

[pb_vidembed title=”Jackson Danger | Althea by the Grateful Dead” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]
Grab your date and join us at Milagros. See for your self what a dynamic duo Jackson Danger and I make.


We’re Getting Some Good Publicity | Read All About it!

Milagros Mexican Food Utah Team Sarah and Dave

Photo from ASHLEY FRANSCELL/Daily Herald

Article by: Kristin McQuivey – Daily Hearld

Looking for Mexican Food in Orem? Check out the feature the Daily Herald did about Milagros.

Christen McQuivey has written a great article that gives you a glimps of our history and the passion that makes us the best Mexican food around.  (Read The Original Article)

Dave Tuomisto, creator of Milagros in Orem, is no stranger to successful restaurants.

“You can count on one hand how many great restaurants are out there where the owner touches a plate and makes sure the food is great,” the restaurateur said. “It is hard to name a restaurant in Utah County that had great food and failed.”

Tuomisto’s restaurant history began in Utah when he opened Rosa’s in Provo in 1999. The restaurant was extremely successful, but he learned the hard way that investors can’t always be trusted.

Next he opened Bajio’s with just five employees and a credit card. In a few short years it grew to 20 restaurants in multiple states. He said he is seeing the small business owner slowly disappearing though.

“We’re a dying breed,” Tuomisto said. “We can’t buy chicken for $40 a case like a big chain restaurant. But they don’t cook, they heat things up. And you can taste the difference between that and something made fresh with natural ingredients.”

He said he bases his culinary knowledge on experience. As a child, he lived in Arizona and spent his vacations in Mexico.

“I’ve spent 12 years in Mexican kitchens, and am always on a mission to find really great, authentic and fresh Mexican food,” he said. “I develop all the recipes myself. …. I like to make sure that everything has many different textures and flavors.”

He requires everything be fresh and the meats be of high quality. Meats are prepared very slowly and marinated a long time. Nothing is ordered bulk or frozen. He hand-picks every mango in the salad.

Kristen, thanks for the great article.

Come in and make Milagros Mexican Restaurant in Orem your favorite for fresh Mexican Food.

Dave and Sarah