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Milagros: Orem Restaurant Celebrate Birthdays Privately

milagros-orem-restaurants-birthday-cakeIn many Orem restaurants, they celebrate customer’s birthdays by singing to the special guest of honor. There are special traditions that develop within a business culture and birthday singing seems to be one of them.

At Milagros, we do not sing “Happy Birthday” in the dining room. It always seems so insincere with I’m eating out and watch waiters huddled around a table singing birthday regards.

However, we at Milagros take birthdays very seriously, that is if you are a part of the Milagros team.

The Mexican culture has played a big influence in our “over-the-top” birthday celebrations. And, I’m not talking about just chocolate cake. Our birthday cakes are not only baked with unique cake flavors, they are brightened up with fresh oranges, mangos, strawberries and kiwi. Read More→

Auction and Concert At Milagros in Orem

You’ve heard the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.”  This is certainly the case for Lisa Harris, a single mother of four beautiful children.

After a divorce,  Lisa decided to share her teaching and singing talent by starting  “Sing with Lisa Vocal Studios,” out of her home. She wanted to share how music was able to help her confidence and how it gave her strength through difficult times.  She also saw the need and wanted to help the youth in her community realize their potential and understand how valuable they are to those around them.

Her business has grown significantly, and she now has a vocal studio in her backyard where she teaches her students. She has also provided jobs for two additional teachers who teach from the studio; one being her daughter Hailey.

Among all of the success Lisa has found, she has also experienced significant hardships. Three years ago, her oldest daughter passed away at the age of 17, and just two weeks ago Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer and will start treatments this week.

In addition, Lisa now faces the possibility of losing her home and being forced to move.  She must pay $7,000 by Thursday to avoid this.  If Lisa loses her home, she also loses her business, and it is in this time of need that we, as friends and students, are pulling together to do everything possible to help.  Milagros is joining this effort along with several other businesses.

Through all this, Lisa remains one of the most optimistic women you will ever meet, who has blessed many lives through her example of faith and determination to serve those around her.

Please join us as we gather together to show our support for Lisa and her family, during this difficult time.

Where: Milagros restaurant, 970 W. 800 N., Orem (East of Winco)

When: Wednesday, December 19, 6:30 to 9 pm.

What: Dinner (optional, order from menu), Auction, and Concert

Goal: $7,000 raised

RSVP or Questions: call Caroline Hyde at 801-368-4233 or email

Come on out December 19, 2012 and join friends students and Milagros Mexican Restaurant in supporting Lisa and her family.

Dave Tuomisto

P.S. Milagros means “Miracles” and we want to see one on Wednesday night.  Please join us.


Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant Quesadilla Challenge

Just offer 12 year old young men an opportunity to have a Mexican Food eating contest and immediately all stomachs are on board. “And, you want us to do what?”

A little background information is necessary here.

I have the privilege of teaching the 12 year old young men at my church.  There are 15 of them.  My son Jackson Danger is part of the gang, which make my duties more enjoyable and rewarding.

I persistently challenge them to care and watch out for each other, not only at church, but at school and social events.  I also encourage them to prepare for missions.

LDS young men can go on a mission for the church at the age of 18-19.  For 2 years they teach the gospel worldwide at their own expense.

Part of their preparation is to read their scriptures frequently, preferably on a daily basis.  The group talks big about reading their scriptures every day, but like many goals, they slip by the wayside after a few days or weeks.

I told them if they would take their daily scripture seriously, we would have a “Quesadilla” party every six months.  To make this event a little more exciting, I bet, between them all, they could not eat 50 Quesadillas.

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Milagros Adventuresome Spirit

As a youth, I was a pretty adventuresome guy.  For some reason, adventure and a little risk taking still woo me.  I realize, since I have a family… I have to tone it down a bit… in fact a lot!

Butttt… once in a while it just creeps out.

A few days ago, I had to drop of a van in Park City.  I took my super star companion, Lexi with me.  We had no ride home… so I just prepared a little sign and Lexi stood on the curb, in front of the Hotel Park City, and held it out for all drivers to see.

It wasn’t but just a few minutes before a loyal Milagro’s customer saw the word “Milagros” on our sign and Lexi’s hat and gave us a ride back to Lindon.

(Now don’t think for a minute that I’d put my daughter at risk.  If someone we knew had not come along… I was prepared to call for a ride.  We just thought it would be fun to try.)

Next week, I’m headed to Mesa, Arizona to pick up an big old neon sign that says, “MEXICAN FOOD”.  It’s 13 feet long and it will be placed high on the wall in the dining room.

Now…you have to know… Mesa is the “stomping” ground of my youth and it conjures up all the old feelings of excitement and adventure of those days.  That’s where I learned to “hitch.”  (No.. I’m not “hitching” a ride to Mesa… even though it might be fun.)

While there, I’m looking forward to hitting the Mexican Food restaurants of my youth, along with visiting a bit with my dad and my 95 year old grandma.

And…I’m going to have to try doubly hard to keep my adventuresome spirit in restraint and mind my p’s and q’s.

In the meantime… I’m really excited about the sign.  I’m always looking for unique items to add to the atmosphere of Milagros.

Milagros will be in good hands while I’m gone… so drop on in and get a taste of the  “Best Mexican Food” in Utah.

See you when I get back.


P.S.  One of these days… I’ll have to share some adventuresome stories from my youth.  I’ve got a few doozies.

San Juan River Trip | Milagros Takes A Break

It was good to get away from Milagros and the fast pace of a Mexican restaurant and relax with my friends and our kids for a few days.  Sometimes you just need a break so you can come back refreshed… ready to dive in again.

When a river trip was suggested… my mind went back to my childhood.  I have always been drawn to rivers.  However, one of my earliest memories is my mother telling me, “There are alligators in the water, stay away.”  (I think she said that because there was a irrigation canal behind our home.)

I lay in bed at night worrying about alligators leaving the water and crawling to our house.  Also, I have always hated cold water… so the idea of rafting down a river in water that was 45 degrees did not sound fun.

However, I was reassured there would be no alligators and the water temperature would be warm.

We choose to float the San Juan river, which is located about 1 hr. south of Moab, Utah.  The river looks like chocolate milk because it is so full of sediment or sand.  The San Juan flows into Lake Powell.  An estimated 44 million tons of sediment flows into Lake Powell every year… mostly from warm “muddy” rivers like the San Juan.

Many River Runners believe the San Juan is the best river for small kids anywhere around.  And they were right.

The water temperature is about 80 degrees.  The average depths in July is about 3 feet and the bottom of the river is smooth white sand (with an occasional rocky mild rapid.)

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Milagros Orange Cone Nightmares | Best Mexican Food UtahAt last…. the construction is over and 800 north is wide open.  Great Mexican food is waiting for you at Milagros in Orem.

It’s been a long year.  Road construction has been going on in one form or another for a long time.  It was frustrating to see… days on end… when there were no construction workers working on the road right next to Milagros.  My complaints fell upon deaf ears.  In the night, we would try moving those blasted orange cones around so folks could get into our place.

Sure enough… a couple of days later… they would be back… blocking easy access to Milagros and other businesses on our corner.  After while it became a game.

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SUMMER TIME- When Mother nature is at her best, which makes our food ROCK!

Every recipe at Milagros involves fresh natural items from Mother Earth.

I love our food this time of year! The Tomatillos are perfect for roasting, the red leaf lettuce is flavorful and bright with color. Even the Sweet Onions taste sweeter and fresher.

If you have not tried our unique style of preparing Mexican food- now is a great time. Unlike typical Mexican restaurants which used mostly canned, processed items. Milagros fills your plate with fresh Asparagus to Zucchini. Did you know our fresh Pablano Chiles have as much vitamin C as 8 oranges!

That means our Chile Relleno plate nurtures your body with as much as 16 oranges worth of vitamin C! Swing on by all the orange construction barrels and taste the difference!


Mexican Food Markets In Michoacan Mexico

While looking for good Mexican food recipes, I found hidden jewels in the towns and villages of Michoacan, Mexico.  Not only did they have fine food, the market places were just loaded with wonderful things to buy.

Michoacan, Mexico is a state located in Western Mexico along a beautiful stretch of coastline on the Pacific Ocean.

It’s economy is based on fishing, forest products and crafts and markets. Towns and villages are marked with exciting markets that offer flowers, drinks and foodstuffs.

Unfortunately, many of these small towns and villages are not on the main tourism map so international tourists miss the very core of this romantic and exciting place.  Most visitors to the sites in Michoacan are from within the state.

The area I was in was the “Bajio” which means “Lowlands.”  It is the fertile valleys that produce all the delish ingredients that make up great Mexican food.

It’s summer time, and the memory of the excitement of the market places come to mind.

I would love to be roaming the streets, eating fresh fruit from family own stands.

And of course, I would be sampling fine Mexican food at family carts… needling recipes out of the owners, with my pencil and paper hidden in my pocket.


If you are ever wanting to get away to an amazing place, Michoacan will delight not only your eyes… but your taste buds.  They have some of the best Mexican food I have ever tasted…. and the people are wonderful.

Miracles At Milagros

You can just imagine how surprised we were when customers, Katie and Dr. Kimball Crofts of Lindon, arrived at Milagros for Mexican food just after leaving the hospital with their new baby girl.  This is their first child and they are pretty excited about her. (Who wouldn’t be… she’s a doll.)

Seems like Katie’s pregnancy cravings continue even after delivery.  Apparently, Milagros is what the new mother wanted first thing out of the hospital.

Both Mom and Dad love our “Chicken Green Chili Stuffed Quesadillas,” (which seems to be a favorite with many of our loyal customers.)

At any rate… we were delighted to see them and their new little one.  What a treat it was for all of us here at Milagros.  You forget just how tiny new-borns are.  Sarah and I certainly do appreciate the “Miracle of Birth” and having a family.

If you remember…Milagros means “Miracles” and we certain have experienced them here.  Our twins are no less than a “Miracle.”

Congrats to Katie and Kimball… thanks for sharing your joy with us.  May her life continue to be a Miracle to your both and may she bring many miracles to those around her.


P.S.  By the way… Dr. Crofts is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon…. and his practice “Aesthetica,” is located in Lindon, Utah…. just in case you might be thinking about a nip and tuck or a bit of a lift here and there.  We understand that he is one of the best in Utah. (You ought to see his credentials.)

Hmmmm… just thinkin’.

Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant | Family Business

Milagros Mexican food restaurant is a family business.  Sarah and I work in the kitchen and dining room, and the kids are involved in some way.

We started the business in the fall of 2010.  There were a lot of folks who advised us not to open because the economy was in such poor shape.  We had already been through many business disappointments, so it was not an easy decision to make.

However, we decide to pick ourselves up… move forward with determination and hard work.  Our budget was on a shoe string and our kids were young and we didn’t want to leave them at home under the care of someone else.  We came up with a plan.

When I was on shift, Sarah was home with the kids, and when she was at Milagros, I handled the kids at home.  Sometimes it was necessary for us to be at the restaurant at the same time…. so we packed up the kids and took them along. Read More→