From The Bajio Region – The Best Mexican Food Near By

When you are searching in the Orem, Utah area for the Best Mexican Food near by you will find several choices, including Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant.

How Milagros Became the Best Mexican Food Near By

Dave Tuomisto was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and spent many summers in Mexico. Because of his desire to become Mexican food chef, he paid close attention to the food in Mexico and realized that each region had added its own flair to their food preparation. Nearly every town and surrounding region are known for a culinary specialty.
Bajio Regional Food - Milagros in Orem, Utah
Dave fell in love with the cuisine of the Bajio, which means lowlands. Part of the Bajio is located in the state of Michoacan, west of Mexico city and is considered “the soul of Mexico,” therefore the cuisine of Michoacan is considered “Mexican Soul food.”This area is one of the oldest continuous civilizations dating back 1,000 years. In the state of Michoacan, an astounding 38 different indigenous languages are spoken. The area flourished in part because of the natural resources. The state borders on the Pacific ocean, and its name means “Land of Fisherman” because of the numerous rivers and lakes.In the Bajio area of the state, which is inland, crops such a corn, berries, squash, beans and fruit flourish. It lies in a fertile basin and is considered “Mexico’s Breadbasket”.  Early on, this agricultural area supported all the silver mining when Spain controlled Mexico.The Bajio region of Mexico is where many free thinkers and great philosophers gathered. It became the cradle of the independence movement. In 1810, the “Mexican Ward of Independence” was launched. Determined to shed three-hundred years of domination by Spain, on August 24, 1821, Spain accepted Mexico’s claim for independence.

Bringing the Bajio Region Mexican Food Near By – Orem, Utah

Dave and Sara of Milagros, Best Mexican food near by Now Dave brings you what he learned as a chef in the Bajio Region, making Milagros cuisine unique to Orem, Utah. While dining at Milagros you will enjoy the rich Bajo flavors:
  • Slow Roasted Meat: Slow cooked roasts influenced by the spices from Spain and marinated in fresh fruit juices.
  • Chicken Mago Salad: Taking the lighter side of the Bajio to you with hand picked lettuce, rich infused chicken and mango salsa.
  • Ceviche: Fish and shrimp marinated in freshly squeezed citrus juices and spiced with red bell peppers, then topped with fresh avocado, chopped red onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and Milagros blend of spices
  • Lettuce Wraps: Want a little more excitement when eating light? Try the Ceviche in a lettuce wrap.
  • Seafood Tacos: Grilled Fish Taco with pineapple salsa, roasted sweet red pepper chutney and cheese. Sweet Shrimp Taco sauteed in honey, with pineapple salsa, and cheese.

Bajio Mango Salad at Milagros in Orem, Utah - Best Mexican Food Near By

As you can see, from this sample menu, fruit juices play a big part in foods from the Bajio region, often giving the food a naturally sweet flavor.

For a more savory side of the Bajio, you will find:

  • Enchiladas: A Mexican classic, our savory meats and cheese wrapped in tortillas  (choice of flour or corn.)  Choose from beef, pork, or chicken. Topped with red or green enchilada sauce and cheese.
  • Baby Back Hermosillo: Ribs done right, marinated in freshly squeezed fruit juices for 2 days, then slow oven roasted for 8 hours. Put on the grill when you order, served with a choice of two different BBQ sauces.
  • Baby Back Enchiladas: Unlike anything you’ll get at other Mexican restaurants. We take our super tender, fall-off-the-bone-pork rib meat smothered in house honey or spicy BBQ sauce, add cheese and wrap it in fresh tortillas. Cover with another layer of melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese, then garnish with sauteed chili corn. Choice of flour or corn tortilla.

Mexican Food Near Me in Orem Utah - Milagros Ribs


Yes, when it comes best Mexican Food Near By in Orem, Utah, Milagros join us for you foods unique to the Bajio Region of Mexico.